Course Instructor

The instructor has over 25 years of teaching and research experience as a tenured Georgia Tech full professor teaching college and graduate level courses such as engineering mechanics, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, solid mechanics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics. 

Course Feedback

Students who have taken various courses offered so far have overwhelmingly provided unsolicited positive comments about the instruction.  Some of those comments can be viewed here for your reference. 

Course Overview

Special course modules are offered to help student develop an intuitive understanding of concepts and principles in physics, and learn the right skills for efficiently solving physics problems.  Introductory Courses are provided for middle school students to help them gain early exposure to physics and prepare them to get involved in middle school physics related events and competitions. Advanced courses are provided for rising freshman and high school students who are motivated to take up the “F=ma” physics exam and USAPhO competition, and are also intended for students who want to have a significant step-up beyond AP physics.


Interactive, whiteboard style lectures are provided live online. Students are constantly challenged in class to probe their grasp of the learned concepts and their skill to develop connections among different concepts for efficient problem solving.  Specific problem solving methods and thinking processes for different subjects will be taught. With small class size, every student will be placed under focused attention to keep their interest and effort in sync with the demand of this intensive  study.